1st Banister

A normal start with internet and emails. Getting more enquiries through for the chalet in Chamonix which is great. Just means that more time is required to sort them out and to keep plugging away at the search engines.

The morning was spent rationalising tools and materials. Metal trunks and stacker boxes full of nails, fixings and tools were all sorted out before being stashed back in the tool store cum workshop. It is amazing; we can now walk in without tripping over fuel cans, power tools and boxes of miscellaneous gubbins.

After lunch we got the muck truck out and fetched the last of the wood from the tree we felled the other week and stashed it in the log pile behind the main barn. Then the first banister went into place.

We had been meaning to try and pop in to see Jean Claude our neighbour and thought it would be good to try again.

We wandered down the piste and he was in. Champers was opened, Pascal and Dominique called to join us and we sat down for aperos. All good for the French. They have invited us to St Girons for lunch at the local college for chefs which sounds excellent value and the food is meant to be great, we will see.

Back for a quick pasta supper and to bed.


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